Character Creation

Game Setup
Impending Issues: The Red Sect Rising

Faces and Places
The Black Hand (The local Italian mafia)
Aspect: A finger in every pie

The Red Sect (Voodoo backed local gang)
Aspect: Death isn’t always the worst punishment

Graveyards of the city
Aspect: The dead do not lay quiet in their graves

Character Creation
Aspects (5)
High concept, Trouble, 3 others

One at Great ( +4), Two at Good ( +3), Three at Fair ( +2), Four at Average ( +1)

Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Crafts, Deceive, Drive, Empathy, Fight, Investigate, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Shoot, Stealth, Will

Stunts & Refresh
Start with 3 refresh, 3 stunts. Refresh may be spent for more stunts at chargen.

Character Creation

A twist of FATE in the big easy instantapathy instantapathy