A twist of FATE in the big easy

It always starts with a dame...

(Except when it doesn't)

One of Jackson Holmes’ old flames, a miss Emma Ross, is missing… he goes to a PI acquaintance by the name Sebastian “TC” Thierry Cyrille Lebeau JR. to look into it. Parallel to this, Esperanza “Hope” De la Cruz is informed by one of the local priests that he fears one of his parishioners is getting in over their head with one of the less reputable voodoo cults. He asks he to investigate and points her towards a young woman by the name of Delilah Vaquet, the granddaughter of another one of his parishioners who happens to also be knowledgeable about the local voodoo scene.

Unfortunately for them all fate has decided to deal them in to a deeper and more dangerous game than they were aware was being played.


instantapathy instantapathy

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