A twist of FATE in the big easy

8/15/14 What do you do with a barrel of zombie juice?

Delilah recovers the wayward zombie crawdad.
They wrangle out a barrel of zombie juice.
Jackson attempts to burn off the rest of the zombie juice. He succeeds! Apparently the juice doesn’t burn so much as… flash over…. when exposed to fire/heat.
Jackson “knows a guy” who used to run liquor during prohibition, so they take the barrel to a place he worked out of to hide it for a few hours. TC hangs out with the old handyman/watchman at the place playing cards.
Delilah and Jackson turn in the boat, borrow a truck from the good ol’ department store empire and pick up the illicit material. And TC. They store the barrel in a warehouse Jackson’s dad owns.
They decide to go talk to the Black hand bookie, Angel Lombardi, to get a feel for what Gretz was in to him for.
TC does his thing, talks to a few contacts and find the private club Angel works out of, they drive by and it looks much like you’d expect. A converted bar or storefront, a few guys hanging around in cars outside watching the place, but nothing overly concerning.
The club has a double handful of people inside, who for the most part don’t give the group much of a look.
Through various interactions this ends with the group freeing Emma from Angel in exchange for them agreeing to help Angel get Gretz’s debt out of the Red Hand (somehow… this is left vague at this point). His insurance at this point is a threat of “If the guys from up north come after me, I’m throwing you guys in front of the bullets. So, don’t take to long.”


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