A twist of FATE in the big easy

8/15/14 What do you do with a barrel of zombie juice?

Delilah recovers the wayward zombie crawdad.
They wrangle out a barrel of zombie juice.
Jackson attempts to burn off the rest of the zombie juice. He succeeds! Apparently the juice doesn’t burn so much as… flash over…. when exposed to fire/heat.
Jackson “knows a guy” who used to run liquor during prohibition, so they take the barrel to a place he worked out of to hide it for a few hours. TC hangs out with the old handyman/watchman at the place playing cards.
Delilah and Jackson turn in the boat, borrow a truck from the good ol’ department store empire and pick up the illicit material. And TC. They store the barrel in a warehouse Jackson’s dad owns.
They decide to go talk to the Black hand bookie, Angel Lombardi, to get a feel for what Gretz was in to him for.
TC does his thing, talks to a few contacts and find the private club Angel works out of, they drive by and it looks much like you’d expect. A converted bar or storefront, a few guys hanging around in cars outside watching the place, but nothing overly concerning.
The club has a double handful of people inside, who for the most part don’t give the group much of a look.
Through various interactions this ends with the group freeing Emma from Angel in exchange for them agreeing to help Angel get Gretz’s debt out of the Red Hand (somehow… this is left vague at this point). His insurance at this point is a threat of “If the guys from up north come after me, I’m throwing you guys in front of the bullets. So, don’t take to long.”

Belated log....

The Wrapped up Franks
Wounded men dropped off at the hospital anonymously, some money greases the the intake.
The not so wounded man told to leave town and find a new line of work.
Everyone heads their separate ways to rest up.

It’s to much, let me sum up
And then a few sessions happened and the GM was lazy about putting in his notes and a bunch of stuff happened…

  • The party finds voodoo dolls (determined to hold no real taint of power) of themselves at their places of residence
  • They track down Emma’s boyfreind, a deadbeat con man on the trail of a “big score”. He’s in debt to a Black Hand loan shark, and has gotten the attention of the local voodoun bad guys due to hints it has to do with Baron LaCroix.
  • Clues in his apartment lead to the local land management office and to a local old folks home. At the old folks home they speak to a slightly dotty ex monster hunter who gives them a clue in that the the baron’s secret involves a way to mass produce and control zombies, as hat is how he built his railroad. They don’t make a lot of head way at the land management office, but leave a bribe to be informed if Will Gretz shows up.
  • Jackson gets a call that Will has shown up, he and Delilah go to check him out. A fight breaks out. TC shows up. They capture him, take him somewhere discrete and interrogate him… he turns out to not be Will any more but some sort of skin shifting voodoo creature. They dispose of him in the swamp.
  • TC Jackson and Delilah go out the next morning in a rented swamp boat to look for a plot of land marked of interest in Will’s notes. They find an old almost totally destroyed building on a nearly sunk piece of land. a couple of rusted out train cars mark the spot as an old train stitching station. Inside they find a nearly pristine looking rail car, odd for the swamp. After some poking about, they are attacked b zombies… and then a giant albino zombie alligator. IT proves quite dangerous but in the end they manage to defeat it and inside the train car find the Baron’s secret… barrels of zombie making liquid. Only two are undamaged, a third has broken and spilled most of it’s contents all over the inside of the car.

Loose Ends
What to do with the two undamaged and one broken (and mostly empty) barrel of Barron LaCroix’s Zombie Juice (Patent Pending).

Emma is still held by the Black Hands.

Miss Layla and the Red Hands involvement.

It always starts with a dame...
(Except when it doesn't)

One of Jackson Holmes’ old flames, a miss Emma Ross, is missing… he goes to a PI acquaintance by the name Sebastian “TC” Thierry Cyrille Lebeau JR. to look into it. Parallel to this, Esperanza “Hope” De la Cruz is informed by one of the local priests that he fears one of his parishioners is getting in over their head with one of the less reputable voodoo cults. He asks he to investigate and points her towards a young woman by the name of Delilah Vaquet, the granddaughter of another one of his parishioners who happens to also be knowledgeable about the local voodoo scene.

Unfortunately for them all fate has decided to deal them in to a deeper and more dangerous game than they were aware was being played.

Session 1, A tight spot

The scene opens when Tc awakens to find himself sealed up inside a box… must be a Tuesday.

He breaks himself free to find himself in the back of a slow moving truck, driving down some back road through the swamp… under the watchful eye of a 3 legged goat. Investigating further he finds three other people in boxes, much as he was… the first is a dark haired woman he’s never seen before (Esperanza De la Cruz), the second is Jackson Holmes (the man who hired him to look into this missing lady), and the third is Delilah Vaquet, a local voodoo practitioner he’s dealt with in the past.

While he feels like he’d been clubbed over the head, the others appear to have been drugged. Assessing their situation, they find whoever grabbed them did a poor job of rolling them… amongst them their wallets, guns and watches are gone but a few knives escaped notice. Adding in the tools found in the back of the truck and a plan formulates…

In the cab of the truck are two men, oblivious to the wakening cargo… TC busts out the rear cab window with a shovel, causing the driver to slam on the breaks. Esperanza leaps onto the top of the cab to lie in wait, while Jackson makes sure Delilah is safe (her still being unconscious).

In the ensuing fight, Thomas (the passenger) leaps out with a shotgun, only to be disarmed by TC. Meanwhile Jacob (the driver) laid down a hail of bullets to drive Esperanza off the roof… only to end up with a shank in the arm. Jackson proves a… distraction, in the fight. Tossing a crowbar and swinging wildly with a shovel from the back of the truck. Jacob ends up less a gun (and Esperanza with more of one), and Thomas gets a whooping from TC.

After the fighting winds down, the guys do some interrogating and find out that the drives don’t know much about what is going on. They were paid (with the group’s money to salt the wound) by Frank “Red Hot” Franklin Jr. (a small time hood that operates out of a place in the Garden District) to deliver the crates (without looking) out to the swamp. They were supposed to be met by a few of Miss Layla ’s men and turn over the crates.

And this is where we drew the session to a close…


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