Jackson Montgomery Holmes

Dilettante (PC)


High Concept: Dilettante/Prodigal Son of the D. H. Holmes Department Store Empire
Trouble: One Eternal, Infinite Passion After Another
Aspect: “I Know A Guy…”
Aspect: The Gray Ghost (1929 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom I)


Resources (4), Contacts (3), Drive (+3)


Jackson is basically a spoiled rich kid who goes from hobby to hobby, getting really into something and buying his way into a business, then moving on to the next thing that catches his fancy. He’s ended up with fingers in a lot of pies, friends and enemies in a wide range of settings, and a series of ex-girlfriends (some decidedly less happy with him than others.)
He answers to “Jack”, but when he’s gambling, they tend to call him “Monty”, and in more formal settings, it’s “Jackson”.
He’s part owner of a Jazz club, and got really excited about Gov. Huey Long’s push to get textbooks to the children of Louisiana, so he bought into a bookstore.
The one passion that seemed to stick with him was racing. He owns a 1929 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom I in silver and gray that he refers to as “The Gray Ghost”. It’s been modified for speed and silence.

Jackson Montgomery Holmes

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