A twist of FATE in the big easy

Session 1, A tight spot


The scene opens when Tc awakens to find himself sealed up inside a box… must be a Tuesday.

He breaks himself free to find himself in the back of a slow moving truck, driving down some back road through the swamp… under the watchful eye of a 3 legged goat. Investigating further he finds three other people in boxes, much as he was… the first is a dark haired woman he’s never seen before (Esperanza De la Cruz), the second is Jackson Holmes (the man who hired him to look into this missing lady), and the third is Delilah Vaquet, a local voodoo practitioner he’s dealt with in the past.

While he feels like he’d been clubbed over the head, the others appear to have been drugged. Assessing their situation, they find whoever grabbed them did a poor job of rolling them… amongst them their wallets, guns and watches are gone but a few knives escaped notice. Adding in the tools found in the back of the truck and a plan formulates…

In the cab of the truck are two men, oblivious to the wakening cargo… TC busts out the rear cab window with a shovel, causing the driver to slam on the breaks. Esperanza leaps onto the top of the cab to lie in wait, while Jackson makes sure Delilah is safe (her still being unconscious).

In the ensuing fight, Thomas (the passenger) leaps out with a shotgun, only to be disarmed by TC. Meanwhile Jacob (the driver) laid down a hail of bullets to drive Esperanza off the roof… only to end up with a shank in the arm. Jackson proves a… distraction, in the fight. Tossing a crowbar and swinging wildly with a shovel from the back of the truck. Jacob ends up less a gun (and Esperanza with more of one), and Thomas gets a whooping from TC.

After the fighting winds down, the guys do some interrogating and find out that the drives don’t know much about what is going on. They were paid (with the group’s money to salt the wound) by Frank “Red Hot” Franklin Jr. (a small time hood that operates out of a place in the Garden District) to deliver the crates (without looking) out to the swamp. They were supposed to be met by a few of Miss Layla ’s men and turn over the crates.

And this is where we drew the session to a close…


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